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Return Policy

Terms of Returns

You may request the return or exchange of any product if the product received is:

  1. Production defects
    1. Product is dirty in packaging and contents.
    2. The color of the product is not within the standard.
    3. The product is smelly.
    4. The product viscosity / dilution level does not comply with the standard.
    5. The pump does not work.
  2. The packaging is damaged The packaging is damaged or defective, leading to several consequences, including:
    1. The product is leaking.
    2. The package is partially or fully dented.
  3. Error in delivering the product by Avoskin.
  4. Excess or an insufficient number of products received The amount of items received does not match the order.

Product Returns Procedure

To submit a product return or exchange, you must claim Avoskin customer service a maximum of 2 days from the time the product is received, including photo or video evidence that shows an error/damage to the product sent by Avoskin. You can wait for a response from our team as a sign of whether or not your return request is approved. If the request for returning or exchanging products is approved, our customer service will provide a product return form that you can fill in according to true and accurate information.

After filling out the form, you can send the product to be exchanged or returned to us by attaching the product return form attachment. Without this form, we will not accept product returns or exchanges. Return of this product can be done no later than 2 days after filling out the product return form.

If we have received the returned product and have passed the check by the Avoskin Quality Control team, we will immediately send a replacement product or product shortage, as well as a refund process to the customer.

Product Returns Cost

You can choose a payment method with COD (Cash On Delivery) when shipping the product you would like to exchange or return. In this way, the cost of returning products and shipping replacement products from us is entirely covered by Avoskin.

Product Returns Time Estimation

The complaint process is a maximum of 7 business days.