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About Avoskin

About Us

Avoskin is a local brand from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, founded in 2014. Avoskin has many variants of skincare products, facial cleansers, moisturizers, to exfoliation products. Increasingly developed and facial skincare began to be accepted by the public. Avoskin also launched innovative products to treat body skin health with a series of bodycare products.

Having a commitment to always provide quality and innovative products, Avoskin has 3 principles: People, Planet and Profit.

People is realized through various Avoskin programs such as community development, especially for women. Avoskin has its own community called the RUBI Community and Avoskin works together with the Torajamelo socio-brand which supports the development of women's lives in Mamasa, Lembata and Adonara.

Then, Planet is realized through Avoskin's commitment to always create products that prioritize natural ingredients, use packaging that can be reused, and carry out CSR programs on environmental conservation. Avoskin has collaborated with the BOS Foundation, Waste4Change, and Lindungi Hutan to realize this mission.

Profit is realized by Avoskin through a fair trade system. Avoskin cooperates with many partners in promoting products and all of them are promoted fairly so that partners can grow together with the company.

#PesonaCantikAlamiA New Horizon For Skincare. A New Promise For Every Woman.
dot-iconCruelty Free

Avoskin's concern for animals is manifested through the Cruelty-Free claim on its products. Avoskin believes that conducting experiments on animals is not necessary.

The beauty industry currently has many alternatives to ensure that products remain safe without testing on animals. Before releasing the product to the public, the Avoskin team tries all the products first.

dot-iconGreen Beauty Concept

Committing to the Green Beauty Concept, Avoskin makes it happen through all the programs and products it produces. For the past 6 years, the company has continuously released environmentally friendly products for customers to use. In terms of composition, Avoskin is committed to presenting products with minimal ingredients and no animal testing.

In terms of packaging, Avoskin uses eco-friendly plastic with sustainable materials, one of which comes from sugarcane. Avoskin also has a used packaging return program that makes it easier for customers to manage their beauty waste. Avoskin collaborates with Waste4Change for this program, anyone can join this program and get special rewards. (The waste4change writing section can be clicked connected to the packaging exchange website)

dot-iconLove Avoskin Love Earth

Love Avoskin Love Earth is an online campaign from Avoskin to encourage customers to return their empty packages. This program is held online and offline to increase customer awareness of participating in protecting the environment through proper waste management.

Avoskin has also carried out many programs to preserve animals and the environment. Avoskin has collaborated with WWF Indonesia, Hari Bersih Indonesia, BOS Foundation, and other non-profit organizations.