Avo Store Business Opportunity


Avoskin is a brand leader in the beauty industry that can support women to be more confident and brave. Therefore, Avo Store is needed to help spread Avoskin products throughout Indonesia.


1. Distributing quality beauty products and creating product innovations through in-depth research and development.

2. Support the creation of new entrepreneurs through Avo Store to develop business and make it easier for them to transact both from fellow Avo Stores and to the Avoskin center.

3. Educate and provide the best and quality service to every Avo Partner and all customers.

Avo Store Level

Avo Store level is a scheme of pricing that Avo Store can pay from the many purchases of Avoskin products. Leveling applies when Avo Store makes a transaction. Each Avo Store has the possibility to get a different level in each transaction, depending on the number of product purchases.

Avo Store Level Premium I & Premium II

Here are the benefits of being an Avo Store premium level:

 • Free to choose products.

 • 20% – 25% profit per product.

 • Entitled to get Avo Point.

 • Profiles are displayed on the Avoskinbeauty.com website.

 • Can exchange points with cashback.

 • Accounts will be promoted on IG Avoskin.

 • Free marketing consulting.

 • Opportunity to get a free gold bar, branded bag, and luxury vehicles from the Avo Point exchange.

 • Expanding the network through Avo Chain in your area.

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