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Ecotourism, Vacation While Sustaining the Environment

News & Event - Elisabeth - 2 July 2018

The name that emerged since the existence of this 5CM film became popular among young people. Well, what is the meaning of ecotourism? Check it…

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Instead of Turning Off Electricity, You Can Do These 5 Things to Preserve the Environment

News & Event - Elisabeth - 1 July 2018

The human living environment that is now getting old and fragile certainly requires extra care from us who occupy it. Let's do some of these…

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Unusual, These are Some Unique Eid Traditions from Various Countries

News & Event - Elisabeth - 15 June 2018

Each country has a different tradition of Eid. What is the tradition of Eid from a country other than Indonesia?

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These are 4 Child-Friendly Tourism Places to Fill the Eid Holiday

News & Event - Elisabeth - 13 June 2018

Eid Holiday will soon come; it's time to determine the sights for a vacation with family. Some recommendations of this tour can be your holiday…

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11 Things You Will Get in Avoskin’s Booth at Jakarta X Beauty

News & Event - Intantya - 12 May 2017

Located in Senayan City, the beauty trade and exhibition Jakarta X Beauty was held perfectly on last weekend (6/5). Avoskin, as one of the beauty…

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Win Avoskin’s Best Seller, Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence for FREE!

News & Event - Intantya - 12 April 2017

Inspiration can come from anywhere. But the inspiration for the beauty and goodness, could come frm a woman, right?

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