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Break Stigma Beautiful Must White, Zozibini Tunzi Become Miss Universe 2019

Beauty Muse, News & Event - Elisabeth - 11 December 2019

The lively Miss Universe reached its peak yesterday. This time, there was something amazing at the Miss Universe event with the winner unexpectedly.

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AVOSKIN’s journey to Lembata Island, Adonara Island and Larantuka with TORAJAMELO

Beauty Behavior, News & Event - Elisabeth - 26 November 2019

Avoskin's journey with Torajamelo to help women in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Our commitment to empower women is real.

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Meet & Greet at Avoskin Booth in Surabaya X Beauty

News & Event - Elisabeth - 14 November 2019

In addition to the discounts you can get, you can meet & greet at the Avoskin booth with drg. Danang Wisnu and Jovi Adhiguna! What's…

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Not only Jovi and drg. Danang, Surabaya Influencers also Visit the Avoskin Booth

News & Event - Elisabeth - 13 November 2019

The excitement of Surabaya X Beauty is not only due to the presence of several guest stars. A number of Surabaya influencers also stopped at…

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Avoskin Miraculous Refining Toner and PHTE, Two of the Most Wanted Products in Surabaya X Beauty

News & Event - Elisabeth - 11 November 2019

The local brand beauty product, Avoskin, joined the Surabaya X Beauty event located at the Tunjungan Plaza 3 Convention Center, Surabaya,

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Carrying the theme of Born to Make History, Avoskin Comes to Surabaya X Beauty

News & Event - Elisabeth - 10 November 2019

One local skin care brand, Avoskin, joined the SurabayaXBeauty event held by the Female Daily Network at the Tunjungan Plaza 3 Convention Center, Surabaya on…

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