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Avoid these 8 things or your face will look older

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 9 January 2020

Young age, but facial skin already looks old. You certainly don't want to experience it, right?

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6 Effects of Beef Consumption on the Skin

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 1 January 2020

Enjoy a variety of meat dishes so delicious. Even though it's healthy, you still can't consume excessive meat.

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4 Acne Myths That Are Not True to Reality

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 1 December 2019

Acne is not only a problem for teenagers. Not infrequently, acne is also a problem for adults. This is caused by the skin condition of…

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Is It True that Nuts Cause Acne? Check out the Facts!

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 30 November 2019

Many assume that eating nuts often will cause acne. Actually this is a fact or just a myth?

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Recognize the Causes of Acne Papulas for Healthy Skin

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 21 November 2019

Blunts are small lumps or spots and tend to be similar to zits. This is certainly disturbing appearance, right? Recognize the cause of acne papulas…

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Efek boba tea pada kulit

Frequently Consuming Boba Tea, Here’s Its Effect for Your Skin

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 4 August 2019

Sweet flavored milk tea combined with chewy boba or pearl tapioca indeed spoils the tongue. But, what is the impact on the skin if you…

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