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Efek boba tea pada kulit

Frequently Consuming Boba Tea, Here’s Its Effect for Your Skin

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 4 August 2019

Sweet flavored milk tea combined with chewy boba or pearl tapioca indeed spoils the tongue. But, what is the impact on the skin if you…

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Drinking Too Much Bubble Tea Causes Early Aging, Is It True?

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 2 August 2019

Are you a fan of bubble tea? How often do you consume this drink? This bubble tea causes premature aging. Isn't that right?

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3 Natural Ingredients in DIY Skincare that are Dangerous to the Skin

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 24 June 2019

3 DIY skincare ingredients are often discussed as natural ingredients that are effective in dealing with acne on the skin. However, these 3 natural ingredients…

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What Does Non-Comedogenic Dermatologically Tested, and Paraben Free Mean on Beauty Products?

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 20 June 2019

The terms that are often found in beauty products are often confused. Actually what do these terms mean?

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5 Factors Cause Skin Dehydration

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 30 April 2019

Dry and dull skin is certainly very annoying because it makes the appearance become imperfect. There are several causes of dehydration and dryness. What will…

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Is It Safe to Use Snail Slime in Beauty Products?

IIBFYS - Elisabeth - 25 January 2019

Although it sounds disgusting, it turns out that mucus snails have benefits for skin health. It can enlighten and soften your skin.

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