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Here are 5 Reasons that Sports Make Your Skin Healthier

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 1 March 2019

Sport does have many benefits for the body and health. Well, it turns out that exercise is also beneficial to make skin healthier. How could…

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4 Drinks that Help Eliminate Acne on Your Face

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 19 February 2019

Acne is very disturbing, especially if it is not immediately gone from the face. Well, it turns out there are some drinks that can help…

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This is the Benefits of Raspberry for Beauty

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 17 February 2019

This beautiful and cute fruit turns out to have many benefits for beauty. Then, what are the benefits of raspberry fruit?

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5 Benefits of Brushing the Skin Routinely

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 15 February 2019

Who would have thought to brush the skin turned out to have many benefits. What are the benefits that you will get from brushing the…

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Recommended Face Cleanser for Traveling

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 7 February 2019

Even though it's a hassle, you can't forget to always clean your face when traveling. Make sure to bring products that are needed and do…

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The Differences of Milk Cleanser and Oil Cleanser. Don’t be wrong!

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 6 February 2019

The number of skincare products certainly makes you confused, right? Well, this time a milk cleanser and oil cleanser will be discussed. Check out the…

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