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4 Methods to Avoid Skin Dehydration even though You Work in an Air-Conditioned Room

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 23 April 2019

Working in an air-conditioned room does dehydrate the skin. However, you don't need to worry if you do some of these things, guaranteed you will…

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These are 5 Benefits of Coffee Extract in Intensive Nourishing Eye Cream by Avoskin

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 19 April 2019

One product from Avoskin which was named the Best Eye Cream by the Female Daily Awards is indeed very powerful. Actually what are the uses…

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Get to know Rose Hip Oil, the Effective Content in PHTE Avoskin

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 16 April 2019

Avoskin's flagship product is indeed curious, isn't it? One ingredient is Rose oil. Actually, what is rose hip oil? See the explanation here!

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Benefits of Carrot Oil in the Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 13 April 2019

The abundance of content in Avoskin's best seller product is indeed curious. One ingredient in it is carrot oil. Then, what are the benefits?

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All about ET-VC content on PHTE from Avoskin

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 11 April 2019

One of the contents in PHTE from Avoskin is ET-VC. What is ET-VC actually? See the explanation here.

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Chamomile Flowers in PHTE Avoskin, Safe or Not?

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 7 April 2019

Chamomile essential oil taken from chamomile flower extract is one of the ingredients in PHTE from Avoskin. Actually, is chamomile in this beauty product safe…

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