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Do These 6 Things so that the Body Stays Hydrated while Fasting

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 6 May 2019

When fasting water intake will certainly decrease even though the body must stay hydrated throughout the day. Well, you can do a few of these…

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Tips Make Up Packing for Traveling

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 5 May 2019

A messy makeup on a bag when traveling is certainly very annoying. But there is no need to worry; you can follow the packing makeup…

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Reduce the Consumption of These Foods and Drinks to Avoid Bad Breath

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 2 May 2019

Bad breath is certainly very disturbing and makes you not confident, right? Well, you can avoid bad breath by avoiding these foods.

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Consume 5 of these Foods to Avoid Bad Scent

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 1 May 2019

Body odor is indeed a problem that is often experienced by many people. However, you can avoid body odor by consuming these 5 foods.

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7 Fatty Foods that Are Good for the Body

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 27 April 2019

Hearing fatty foods is usually immediately minded to avoid. However, there are some fatty foods that are good for consumption. What are you doing?

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Caution! These are 5 Dangerous Content in Cosmetics

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 26 April 2019

The content in cosmetics is of course various. Apparently there is a dangerous content in cosmetics. What are you doing? Come on, see!

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