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5 Casual Style Inspirations Suitable for the Chinese New Year

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 2 February 2019

Chinese New Year cannot be separated from the touch of red hue. Well, you can follow some influencer’s style casuals to enliven the Chinese New…

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Do These 5 Things to Overcome the Thought of Giving Up

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 14 January 2019

Activities that you often live everyday sometimes don’t always run smoothly and according to plan. Maybe, some things make you stressed and confused until you…

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5 Healthy Snacks That Don’t Make Your Body Fat

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 17 November 2018

Who doesn't like snacking? Goddess would love to snack even though he was afraid of being fat. Well, here are some healthy snack inspirations for…

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These 5 Foods and Beverages are Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 16 November 2018

The body condition of pregnant women is certainly different from people in general. So, do not be surprised if the consumption of food and beverages…

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4 Things That Will Happen If Your Body Is Lack of Sleep

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 13 November 2018

Like staying up late or rarely sleeping because of being busy with activities all day long? Be careful of lack of sleep reduces work productivity.

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6 Tips to Always Look Beautiful During Backpacking

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 27 October 2018

Do you like traveling in a backpacking way? Apparently there are tips to always look beautiful during backpacking, here! Listen, yeah!

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