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Tips on Saving Cosmetics Shopping in Korea

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 11 August 2019

When visiting Korea it's not complete without shopping for cosmetics. Well, you can follow a few tips on saving cosmetics shopping in Korea.

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Follow 6 Tips on Buying Hijab in This to Fit Your Needs

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 10 August 2019

Looking for the hijab in the right way is difficult. Well, you can read some tips on buying the hijab to suit your needs.

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How to Make Morning Shower Feel More Luxurious

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 27 July 2019

You can make your daily shower as comfortable as a spa and beauty place if you do it right. How the heck?

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How to Keep Makeup Hygienic

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 25 July 2019

Makeup products can become a den of germs and bacteria. You don't want all those bacteria to move to your face. Well, you can allow…

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5 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Foundation

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 24 July 2019

Choosing a foundation for makeup cannot be careless. Well, you have to be careful when choosing a foundation so you don't make mistakes.

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5 Mistakes When Applying Mascara

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 18 July 2019

Applying mascara does look trivial but you shouldn't underestimate it. There are a number of mistakes when applying mascara that you should avoid. What are…

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