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5 Ways to Manage the Time between Work and Personal Life

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 26 September 2019

Office workers often find it difficult to divide their time. Well, you can follow some of these ways to manage the time between work and…

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Formal Wear Styles that Steal the Attention of the Burberry Spring / summer 2020 Show

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 25 September 2019

The Burberry Spring / summer 2020 show did attract attention. The style of clothing that is displayed is very elegant and suitable for use anytime.

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Easy Tricks to Appear Beautiful without Difficulty in the Morning

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 19 September 2019

Just a little late in the morning can affect all day activities. Therefore, if there are things that can be simplified or made easy, why…

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Apparently These 7 Causes of Dry Lips Are Often Experienced

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 15 September 2019

Dry lips do make the appearance not optimal. Apparently there are several things that cause it. What are you doing?

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These 6 Easy Tips to Always Look Beautiful During Backpacking

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 13 September 2019

Do you like to travel by backpacking? Apparently there are tips to always look beautiful during backpacking.

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7 Highlight Colors Suitable for Black Hair

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 7 September 2019

Having black hair is boring. Some highlight colors that are suitable for black hair you can try.

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