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Known as Korea’s mandatory food, it turns out that these are 5 health benefits of kimchi

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 19 January 2020

Kimchi is already familiar to most people. Who would have thought that this was the health benefits of kimchi?

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Interesting! Here are 10 Famous Unique Culinary Trends in Jakarta

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 14 December 2019

It's not just fashion that is trending every year. Culinary trends are always changing and dynamic. Here are some unique culinary famous in Jakarta. Interested…

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Frozen 2 Movie Review: Elsa’s Journey to Find His Teak

Beauty Lifestyle, Reviews, Trending - Elisabeth - 27 November 2019

This animated film that is loved by all circles has continued into season 2. What is the story of Elsa in the film Frozen 2…

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7 Beautiful Cities in Europe Interesting to Visit

Beauty Lifestyle, Travel - Elisabeth - 17 November 2019

Europe is indeed preferred by many as a vacation destination. There are some beautiful cities in Europe that are interesting for you to visit!

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6 Exciting Films to Accompany Your Weekend in This Week

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 16 November 2019

Tomorrow is the weekend, what are you planning to do? There are some exciting films to accompany your weekend this week. Check it out!

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Overcome Body Odor with These 8 Steps

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 14 November 2019

Body odor, this sometimes feels very terrible. Anyone who experiences or kisses it, surely it will feel uncomfortable.

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