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AVOSKIN’s journey to Lembata Island, Adonara Island and Larantuka with TORAJAMELO

Beauty Behavior, News & Event - Elisabeth - 26 November 2019

Avoskin's journey with Torajamelo to help women in Nusa Tenggara Timur. Our commitment to empower women is real.

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Use your social media for 7 positive things

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 22 November 2019

Instead of spending a lot of time serving or listening to negative comments on social media, you can really use social media more useful.

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How to Get Rid of Inferiority and Not Confident

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 27 October 2019

Survey shows 60% of women are not sure of their beauty. Well, you have to get rid of your inferiority and lack of confidence because…

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Know the Symptoms and Tips for Overcoming Depression in Adolescents

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 18 September 2019

Depression is bad for everyone, especially for teenagers. Therefore, you need to know the symptoms and tips for dealing with depression.

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These 6 Tips to Overcome Internet Addiction

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 10 September 2019

Surfing the internet is fun and sometimes it forgets time. Don't get addicted to the internet! You can overcome internet addiction in several ways.

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Do These 5 Things to Deal with Cyberbullying

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 26 August 2019

Everyone can access social media freely. Sometimes this freedom is used wrongly by some people. If you are bullied, you can deal with cyber bullying…

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