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5 Reasons for the Importance of Honeymoon after Marriage

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 13 August 2019

After marriage usually you will get a honeymoon. However, some don't do it to save money. Here are the reasons for the importance of the…

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Knowing the 5 Types of Catcalling that Women Often Experience

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 16 June 2019

Do you often get catcalling? So far what are the forms of paint? Well, you need to know these 5 types of paints to avoid…

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Recognize 9 Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 12 June 2019

Do you feel that the relationship you are currently living does not make you feel happy? You could be in a toxic relationship, you know!…

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These 7 Foods That Are Common in the Fasting Month

Beauty Culture - Elisabeth - 22 May 2019

The fasting month is different from other months. Many dishes are present only during the fasting month. Well, here are some foods that are common…

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4 Inspirations Takjil Menu for Breaking the Fast

Indonesian Culture - Elisabeth - 17 May 2019

Fasting month is a fun takjil hunting moment for some people. Well, here are some inspirations for takjil to accompany you iftar.

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Embodiment of the Women’s Empowerment Mission through Torajamelo X Avoskin

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 21 April 2019

One of Avoskin's main missions is the empowerment of Indonesian women. Well, to make it happen Avoskin is working with Torajamelo.

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