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3 Causes of Depression and Encouragement of Suicide

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 24 March 2019

Frustration and depression are indeed not easily eliminated. Therefore you must know the cause in order to avoid feeling suicidal.

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Bad Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Work Productivity

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 22 March 2019

Like staying up late or rarely sleeping because of being busy with activities all day long? Be careful of lack of sleep reduces work productivity.

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14 Easy Steps to Become a Morning Person

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 17 March 2019

Being a morning person does have many advantages. However, not everyone can do it. So what should I do?

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How to Attract Him for Shy Girl

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 13 February 2019

As someone who is shy, of course, not always dare to express feelings directly, right? Well, this is how to attract the attention of him…

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Instagramxiety, Feeling Anxious When Seeing Other People’s Uploads

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 12 February 2019

Are you often worried and worried when you see other person uploads on Instagram? The Goddess may have experienced instagramxiety.

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5 Foods in Chinese New Year

Beauty Culture - Elisabeth - 4 February 2019

Chinese New Year is always festive every year and of course typical Chinese food is never left behind. What are the foods that are usually…

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