This is the reason why women must dare to travel alone!

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 20 January 2020

Besides being able to increase independence, this moment can also make you love yourself more. What are you going to get from traveling alone?

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Known as Korea’s mandatory food, it turns out that these are 5 health benefits of kimchi

Beauty Lifestyle - Elisabeth - 19 January 2020

Kimchi is already familiar to most people. Who would have thought that this was the health benefits of kimchi?

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Overcome Dry Skin with These 6 Easy Steps

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 18 January 2020

For some people who have dry skin will certainly interfere with their appearance. The reason is that dry skin causes the face to look older…

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The Best Way to Protect Your Face from Air Pollution

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 17 January 2020

The presence of air pollution that can damage our skin is indeed unavoidable. However, all can be overcome if we try to protect the face.

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7 Ways to Radiate Natural Beauty from Within

Beauty Behavior - Elisabeth - 16 January 2020

Not always, beauty only talks about physical perfection. Come on; follow some of these ways to exude your natural beauty.

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5 Facial Treatment Tips for Oily Skin Owners

Beauty Skin - Elisabeth - 15 January 2020

Having oily skin is quite annoying because the face looks less perfect. Well, some of these facial care tips you can do for oily skin…

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